How To Rivet A Motorcycle Chain Without The Tool

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Check out what we have to say about the BikeMaster Heavy-Duty Chain Breaker & Rivet Tool. How To: Maintain and Change Your Motorcycle’s Chain and Sprockets Chains and sprockets can be a pain to maintain.

This chain breaker and rivet tool kit is designed to rivet chain links to form endless chains, can also be used on a cam chain, drive chains or as a chain breaker by positioning the pin outward. Shankly’s chain breaker kit will break and rivet.

Chain Cutting & Riveting Tool (CRT50) EK’s chain tool is machined from solid billet hardened steel and designed to last for a lifetime of service. This tool can be used to drive out pins when removing old chains and installing your new chain with the.

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Makes it easy for you to remove an old chain and re-rivet a new one. Suitable for 420- 530 pitch chains, both O and X-ring chains. Not knowing how to use a chain tool is no excuse not to buy.

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Using a wire hook and a ‘grabbing’ tool I threaded the chain around the engine’s crank sprocket. I then used wire to temporarily link the chain (keeping the links I wanted to join clear of wire of course).

Every chain comes with a new master link, and every chain put on gets one, no leftovers (unless they request a clip type so you can remove it later without drama). I guess if i needed just a masterlink i would putt putt over to the parts place, but that’s the benefit of being half a block from the parts store we get our stuff from 🙂

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Motorcycle Chain Link Extractor and Riveter Suitable for Cam Chains and. alignment bolt and put tool over chain. (End of chain should be held in position in tool alignment bolt, other end or rivet in hold of tool body. 6. Tighten alignment bolt securely against side plates each side of the chain.

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Engage the chain tool and drive the connecting rivet into the chain. There will be two points of resistance as the rivet goes into the chain. The first will be as rivet begins to go in through the first cage plate.

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May 02, 2010  · Most modern chains do not use master links (and most manufacturers of bikes larger than 250cc will not recommend their fitting), although you can break a chain with a grinder or a Dremel you will find it difficult to round off a rivet without a chain tool (because you do not have a handy anvil to support the hammer blows and it is quite an.

Each use of the tool included breaking the old chain and then riveting the new one. One of the pins did break when I loan the tool out to a friend who rushed the job and broke it. He didn’t grind the old rivet head off the chain before trying to press the rivet out of the old chain.

Locate the rivets on the chain that you want to remove. Grind the heads off of the rivets using the rotary tool with the grinding disc. Place the head of the flathead screwdriver between the middle of the chain and the top plate on.

Without the hole, the block of wood would impede the removal of the rivet from the bike chain link. Step 3 Place the wood block behind the chain link, lining the drilled hole up with the rivet you want to remove from the link.